Here you can find most common questions and answers regarding ViewerStorm.

How does Automatic Stream Status Detection work?

Every 2 minutes ViewerStorm chooses 100 streamers at random and calls Twitch's server to see who is live and who is offline. Twitch's servers then respond with the correct info and the Script updates the Status of all 100 users in our database.

Why is my Automatic Stream Status Detection turned off when I left it on?

Since our script can only check 100 users every 2 minutes, we turn off inactive user's ASSD to keep the response times fast for the more active users. If you have not logged into the website in 2 days, your ASSD is turned off.

What are ViewerStorm Tokens and Why do we need them!?

We use these tokens to keep track of your activities on the website. They're kind of like payment for watching streams... You can use them to get Viewers, StormPasses, Game Keys or Other Prizes!

How does ViewerStorm choose the next featured streamer?

The next streamer is chosen, based on the following criteria:

-- If there are active StormPass sessions, those are selected from first.
-- If no StormPass is active, the website chooses a number from 1 to 10
-- If the site chooses 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10 - a ViewerStorm Premium Member's stream is selected at random.
-- If the site chooses 1, 2, 3 or 4 - A Free Member's stream is selected at random.

Can I buy tokens instead of earning them?

NOPE. This is not, and will never be, an option here at ViewerStorm... buying tokens would be the same as buying viewers... and we don't do that here! If you want views from this website, you have to EARN them!

How much is a ViewerStorm token worth?

$43,000,007.12 CAD (not really)
ViewerStorm Tokens have no "street" value, they are used to keep track of the viewing sessions you have completed, nothing more...

Is using ViewerStorm considered ViewBotting?

NO! ViewerStorm does not use bots of any kind on it's website. All viewers obtained from ViewerStorm are other Streamers with the same goals and dreams that you have! All viewers here are humans, using their personal computers to watch your stream to earn ViewerStorm tokens and get viewers for their next stream!

How did I get NEGATIVE Tokens!?

This is a known issue, that is pretty much harmless.
When the stream viewers load up, they check to see if there are any URLs that have tokens. So long as a user has 1 token and are LIVE, they can be chosen from the pool of live streamers. However, the token is NOT deducted from your account immediately, so if 3 or 4 more viewers load up your URL, it still qualifies. The tokens are exchanged at the END of the session only, so when the sessions all end, each one charges your account 1 token and ends up putting you negative. The site will automatically correct this once every 60 minutes returning accounts with negative tokens back to zero... you just got a couple free views... no harm done.

I'm streaming on Twitch, but ViewerStorm says i'm offline... Why?

There are 2 possible reasons that ViewerStorm thinks you are OFFLINE:
1. You entered your Twitch Display Name incorrectly. These are case sensitive and if they are entered wrong, the script cannot see your actual status.
2. You're expecting it to happen too fast. Twitch does not consider you "live" for at least 3-5 minutes after you start broadcasting. Until that time lapses, twitch reports you to ViewerStorm as OFFLINE.