BEFORE you register, READ and UNDERSTAND how ViewerStorm works!

ViewerStorm REQUIRES participation from you to get your viewers. While you do receive 10 FREE viewers just for signing up, you will need to participate in the program by watching other streamers to continue to receive viewers beyond those initial ten!

ViewerStorm uses a token system to keep it fair for all of it's members. Every 1 token gets you 1 viewer on your stream when you go live on Twitch. You earn these tokens by watching streams. The more streams you watch, the more tokens you get!

Here's how the process works:
     -- You watch another ViewerStorm streamer for 10 minutes to receive ViewerStorm tokens.
              You can watch as many ViewerStorm streamers as you want, there is no limit! Our free accounts pay 1.25 tokens per view.
                   That means for every 4 streams you watch, you're actually getting 5 viewers in return!

     -- When you go live on Twitch, we will send other ViewerStorm members to watch your stream.
              So long as you have ViewerStorm Tokens in your account, you will get viewers on your stream! You view, you GET viewed!
     -- Everytime a viewer comes to your stream from ViewerStorm, we take away 1 token.
              You gotta pay to play! Each viewer will cost you 1 token from your account.
     -- When you run out of Tokens, we stop sending viewers. It's that simple.

So... Does all that sound good to you??
If it sounds like something you'd like to do, fill out the form below and let's get started!
If that sounds like too much work to get 100% FREE Viewers... Well, thanks for stopping by, and good luck out there!

Do NOT register more than one account per household/IP address, please contact us if you need additional accounts!
If you ignore this warning we WILL find out and ban all accounts registered from your IP address.

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